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Tina and Doug Rino Family 

This year has been an eventful year for us. We went to Sydney, Australia to pick up Jason from his mission. The flight was long but well worth it. Seeing Jason and the people that he worked with on his mission. Sydney is a very beautiful place. They drive on the wrong side of the road, (actually the right side), their round a bouts take some getting use to. Luckily we left the driving to Jason, he did an excellent job. He got us around Australia just fine. We saw the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, we went on a harbor cruise with was great seeing the sunset of a boat in the harbor, we saw and fed kangaroos, went to the Zoo, we to the 2000 Olympic Park which was very interesting, walked along many beaches one of them being Bondi Beach, we also went to the Royal Botanical Gardens which is a beautiful garden that you can stroll through, with plants, trees, flowers and even the bats were interesting, and we saw many beautiful sunsets, and wildlife. We became proud grandparents of a grandson in January. As a family we went to Yellowstone National Park, the first part of August. The thermal features and other nature features and wildlife were spectacular.

Jason is home from is mission and is still adjusting to the climate here. He is enjoying his new car, a 2000 Saturn, working part time at the University of Utah, going to school at the University of Utah, dating a cute girl Mary. In his spare time he sleeps, and on Sunday's he is a Primary Teacher, teaching the 7 year olds.

Scott has graduated from Hillcrest High School. Scott has enjoying playing Football and Soccer for Hillcrest. During the summer he enjoyed doing nothing but enjoying the summer. Scott and Doug both finally finished their kayaks, and tested them at Payson Lake. They both had a great time with about 6 other scouts and leaders. No sinking kayaks. Scott wanted a bigger fish tank, (a 35 gallon just wasn't big enough) so he now has a 55 gallon tank with a nice stand. Two Oscars and a Silver Dollar fish. It is nice to watch the fish swim around. I'm not to trilled watching the Oscars eating a feeder fish though. In September he started attending Salt Lake Community College. To pay for higher education he is working at Macey's as a stocker.

Rachel is now in the eight grade and is enjoying it. Rachel signed up for dance class and got in. She enjoys dance and it has become her favorite class. Rachel is also taking a quilting class with her Mom and Sister and is having fun learning to piece and quilt. She is still taking piano lessons and is trying to enjoy it. He Mom won't let her quit taking lessons (such a mean Mom). Rachel had a great time at camp it was her 2nd year. The night before they left for camp it snowed 3 inches. By the time they got up to their camp site the snow had melted and she seemed to have a great time.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully we will see you. Merry Christmas.

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