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Mark and Jane Dame Family 

Mark & Jane have had a very busy year. In May, Mark had nose and tonsil surgery. Not only was it fun, but expensive as well! He now does not sound like he is taking off the wallpaper when he sleeps! I am very thankful for that. I think that we are both more rested now. Mark is still at the ATC and loving it. He continues to get student ready for the VICA contests, and the past 9 years has taken students to Kansas City to compete. For a family trip this past summer we went to Oceanside, CA. and stayed in our condos for the week. No one told us that they call June ,"June Gloom" so we didn't have the wonderful days on the beach watching the kids play in the sand and enjoying the sun like we had envisoned. Ten days before we left, Marijka broke both bones in her lower leg and had to go into surgery to get them set, so she was in a thigh high cast for the trip! We made do and had the best time we could have. We went to Sea World and that was the first time for me (jane). I think that we will vacation in the winter when we can and just enjoy the cabin in West Yellowstone during the summer from now on.

I started my own business this year cleaning two medical buildings. I take Zjani & Zach two days of the week and Coleton one day a week. It is a great job, and the kids are learning to work and save money.

Zjani is a senior this year, but is not attending her High School. She only needed Senior English and Release Time so she went to early college at Weber State University taking 14 credits this semester. Her English 1010 covers her senior English, and Institute covers her last year of seminary. She is also taking Cosmetology at the ATC two days a week. Needless to say, she is very busy. She is still bussing tables at a restaurant in Ogden on Saturday mornings, and then working with me three nights a week. (No time for boys, and no time to get into trouble!) She misses the social things at school, but is adjusting fine. She does still run cross country and will run track this year.

Zach is 14 and turning into a cowboy. The 3 oldest bought calves in August and are feeding them bottles 2 times a day. We are just starting to wean them and are down to just 1 bottle at night. Zach pretty much runs the show and Mark has gotten good at giving shots. We are past the scours we hope and we are ready for winter. Zach loves to fish and will beg anyone who can drive to take him! He also wants to sell his Holstein calf when he is a yearling and then buy a beef cow next year to raise and sell at the fair when it is ready. He is saving money for his mission and this is a good way to earn it. He is ready to work on his Eagle and will hopefully have it next spring.

Coleton is 11 and just starting scout stuff. He is working on several merit badges and I am pushing him whenever I can. He is also on a competitive soccer team and loves it. He is the fastest kid at his school in the mile and wants to hold that title. He, Zach & Zjani ran in a couple of 5k's this year and they all love it.

Marijka is 7 and in the 2nd grade, her reading is coming along well, and she loves the social part of school. Her leg is doing pretty good. She ended up spending 9 weeks of the summer in her cast, it was the pits. She is looking forward to us taking her swimming some time this winter.

Dawson is 1 now and the "King"! Whatever he wants, he gets! We love having him! He has been so much fun for all of us, and is a very mellow easy baby. He sleeps like crap, but at least he is happy most of the time.

We are all well and thankful for that. We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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