Sun Dublan
Linda and Danny Edwards Family 

This year has been great for us. Our old Suzuki Sidekick was giving us trouble so for Christmas last year we bought a new Suzuki Aerio. It is different having a car but the gas mileage and comfort sure is nice. When we decided to get the Sidekick repaired for Danny to drive, they wanted too much money so we bought Danny a new Ford Ranger. It is nice to be a two car family again.

Since we bought the truck, we decided that we would get into camping again so we have pulled together all our camping gear and purchased a paddleski (an inflatable boat that is a little larger than a kayak with an electric motor). Now we are doing some beach camping and ocean kayaking and having a wonderful time. We really love living in San Diego and going to the beaches and parks here.

This spring we met up with Caleb and Jennifer and went to Zions for a few days. We had a wonderful time relaxing and hiking. What a beautiful place. It rained a lot while we were there so the waterfalls were incredible!

We drove up to Salt Lake in August because Dylan and Jaime got married. After the wedding we went to the Great Basin National Park to camp with Caleb and Jennifer. What a great campground.

Danny still works for Hunter Douglas in the Marketing Department. Linda Rose still works for SAIC in Engineering.

The October fires in San Diego gave us a bit of a scare here but they managed to burn around us. We were lucky since so many families have lost everything just a few miles from where we live.

From all of the Edwards' we hope that this holiday season brings health and prosperity to everyone and peace to the world.

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