Sun Dublan
Nellie and Maurice Bowman Family 

Hello from Oaxaca, land of the Book of Mormon! What a special call we received from Pres. Hinckley to preside in this beautiful temple here. It's larger than the one in Colonia Juarez, and we surely have a lot more sessions here! The people are so warm and loving and so short in stature!! Both Maurice and I feel tall here!

Oaxaca is a very old city, with a church in the middle of town that was built in 1533. There is so much history here. It is also progressive, there is even a Sam's Club! We have been here two Sundays now, and we had to speak in 2 stake conferences. We have been welcomed so warmly and made as comfortable as possible.

We live in a condo that is painted bright yellow, green and orange, the favorite colors here in Oaxaca. I had to shade my eyes as we walked in the place and wondered if maybe we could repaint? We couldn't, so we are getting used to the colorful walls. They are planning to build a home for us, and also apartments for the missionaries. Hopefully we'll be able to move there in about a year. We have two wonderful missionary couples, they are a tremendous help.

We feel so far away from all our loved ones, hopefully we'll get a phone next week, and then we'll be able to hook up to the Internet. This is the land of ma

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