Sun Dublan
Maurice and Rosanne Bowman Family 

In the Bowman household, Maurice continues to amaze by voluntarily getting up at seven o'clock on the weekends. In an unusual reversal, Rosanne has reverted from vegetarianism to the Atkins diet, widely known to recommend the eating of raw meat. Amy has managed to go a year without having to call home at midnight because her car ran out of gas -- a feat celebrated by none so much as those who received those calls. Meanwhile, Matt has been abruptly plunged into the semi-real world, as the History Department of the University of Utah has unaccountably chosen to entrust a hundred freshmen a week into his hands for History 1700. Matt greets inquiries into this situation with a bemused grin and tolerant laughter. On a more depressing note, we struggled with unemployment for three months, which has some strange but acknowledged link to the fact that we were unable to produce much of a garden this summer. We also shaved our cat.

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