Sun Dublan
Terry and Jack Bybee Family 

Dear Beuk Family clan,

We hope that this year has been absolutely the best ever for all of you, and that as we all prepare for the big gathering of Sinterklaas that we wont be hauled off to Spain in that dreadful itchy sack!!

We have had an excellent year and have learned and even grown (some of us more than others) and we are looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to Christmas Eve when our Elder Aaron will come home. He will walk off the plane at 10:30 AM and be a wonderful Christmas present to our family. He has served valiantly and has loved the people and helping so many of them come to a knowledge of the truth. That reason is why we are all here in this country because Oma and Opa and my mom, and all the family came to know that this is the restored Gospel. How grateful we are that we also know. Jack is serving in the Bishopric here, and Rachel is a ward Missionary is her ward in Logan where she is going to USU. Elena is teaching in the primary and going to start school soon, she graduated from Brighton High this year. Amber is a Sophomore there and Tessa is going to Churchill Jr. High, in 8th grade. Bo is in 6th grade and he was active in football again this year. His team did really well. We are all happy and well and we are glad (and a bit sad) that Grandma and Grandpa are serving as Temple Presidents in Oaxaca. We want to plan a big trip down to see them and since they will be there 3 years, at least, we have to. May you all have a wonderful season and remember the reason we celebrate. With love,

The Bybees

Terry and Jack, Aaron (Elder), Rachel, Elena, Amber, Natessa, and Michael Bo.

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