Sun Dublan
Stephen and Amy Bowman Family 

Contagious giggles ride the tropical breeze through the kitchen window. Mommy wonders. Meanwhile, a rowdy crew of pirates navigate their vessel as it is tossed about on the stormy South Pacific. Then Captain Michael (aged 5) orders his mates to drop the anchor as they sight land. Once ashore, the crew stealthily slink through the jungle on this uncharted tropical island. With his sword drawn, first mate Benjamin (aged 2) motions to the others to follow him. His sixth sense tells him that the valuable treasure they seek is near. A few more paces and (to their delight) they stumble upon a cargo of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Was this treasure abandoned or strategically placed by the island natives as a peace offering? More giggles, now muffled by mouths-full of cookie, but contagious nevertheless.

At the Steve Bowman house, life is as exciting as a pirate adventure or prince charming's daring rescue of his princess. And the land of Costa Rica is an exotic backdrop for these exploits. At each opportunity we discover more of this beautiful country. Here's a picture of us in the Costa Rican highlands as we set out with our walking sticks to explore a butterfly farm and seven raging waterfalls.

Benjamin the Brave. "On guard!" With plastic sword in hand, Benji is crouched, balanced and at the ready. This little two-year old is a firecracker of energy and as smart as a whip. His favorite word is "

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