Sun Dublan
Jonathan and Donna Bowman Family 

Hi from the Jon and Donna Bowman family! We hope that everyone had a great year and are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season with as much anticipation as our 4 year-old triplets! Now is the time of year when Ichabod starts peeking through the windows to make sure all the kids are being nice to each other.

It has been quite a year for us this year. We finally finished the Family Medicine residency in Waco, Texas and now are living in Kanab, Utah. It has been quite a change for us, both in the scenery and in the amount of time that Jon gets to spend with the family. Donna is smiling more since Jon works only 50-60 hours per week instead of 80-100. It is also very beautiful here and we are enjoying being able to see the vermilion cliffs on one side of our house and the far-off Kaibab forest on the other.

Johanna is now 10 years old and is adjusting to the new life here. She was quite worried about leaving her friends in Waco and starting all over (again!) here. She is doing very well in school and is so far in second place for advanced reading points for her whole school. She is doing very well on her piano lessons and likes to listen to classical music in her bedroom (with the door closed) when the rest of the kids are making too much ruckus. She is Mommy's big helper and is always willing to give a hand when she is needed.

Jennie (4) has really done well with her reading this year. She is now able to read all the simple books that we have in the house, and loves to find words whenever we go anywhere in the car. She also loves to sing, and sometimes will sing "the sun will come out tomorrow" so many times in a row that everybody else in the house begs her to think of another song. She is very sweet and loves to be a big helper around the house.

Jake (4) says to tell everybody that he is a big boy. He is mommy's best helper. He is doing very well with his reading also. He has a soft heart and is a peacemaker.

Davy (4) is always bringing excitement to our home. He is constantly battling pirates, Indians, "bad guys" or dinosaurs with his home made sword and his very vivid imagination. He is quick to give a smile and a hug to anyone and everyone.

Nellie (2) has just learned to maneuver the mouse and loves to play on the computer. She loves her pillow and takes it everywhere she goes. She will occasionally share it with Nathan, but no one else is allowed to touch it.

Nathan (5 months) is the most darling little baby you could ever imagine. (He looks just like Jonni did as a baby!) He is just learning to sit up and eat applesauce. He is a giggler!

Anyway, as you can see, Santa is going to be extra busy this year with so many good kids around! We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

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