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Troy and Anne Bowman Family 

Greetings from the Troy and Anne Bowman Family! We have had a good year and have had some eventful happenings. Mostly, we are keeping busy raising our little family. Here is the latest news from our home:

We welcomed another precious baby girl into our family this year. Our sweet happy Eden was born in April. She likes to eat a lot and is learning to play. She has been grabbing toys and everything else she can get to. She is working on crawling and is really wiggling around! Eden has a very big smile and seems to be happy with whoever is holding her. Of course, Mom is her favorite!

Lindsay is two and is a little sweetheart. She often tells her Mommy, "I love you so much." She loves to sing and even makes up her own songs. She likes to pretend with her Little People and her Noah's ark animals and is usually carrying a few of them with her. Lindsay is good at independent play but also loves to play with Rebekah. What would they do without each other? They have a lot of fun and get into a lot of mischief together.

Rebekah is three and is full of life. She is usually the first one up and dressed (always in a dress) in the morning . She enjoys milk, movies, music, and dressing up. She frequently talks about going to Primary in January. She is very excited about that. Rebekah loves to color and is very good at it. She draws too and is just starting to write some of her letters. It's fun to watch how she is growing.

Anne mostly hangs out with the children and tries to keep everyone fed and happy and the house in order. That is a big job! She is involved in a book group and has enjoyed reading several good books and making some new friends during the past few months.

Troy enjoys working at ArosNet and has been there for three and a half years. He works hard and puts in some long hours sometimes. He is always keeping up on the latest innovations and standards in technology and is usually found sitting at his computer(s), whether it be at work or at home. Troy fixed and flew his model helicopter several times this year and has spent a lot of time with his wife and children. He has also spent many hours designing our new home, which is currently being built in Woods Cross.

We are all happy and healthy and are so grateful for our blessings. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

// Webmaster: Troy Bowman