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Mike and Jennifer Blanchard Family 

At the beginning of 2003 Mike changed jobs and worked for Team Ford in Las Vegas. He stayed with them until June at which time Royce Industries asked him to come back and work with them again. He has left Team Ford and is now working for Royce. But, if you ever decide that you want to buy a car, just call him first and he will tell you what to do and what NOT to do!!

Jennifer has been selling Hooked on Phonics on Ebay and has had a lot of people buy the program from her. She has also done a "Garage Sale" type thing on Ebay and was very successful. We are going to be new parents in February and it is another girl. They will have two boys and two girls!

Aaron is our oldest son, he is 7 and is in first grade this year. He has been named the class clown! He likes school and is doing well. He plays soccer and is learning how to play the game and is getting better at it all the time. He loves to play games on his Nintendo and plays against his dad all the time and wins! He likes to go with his dad whenever he fixes the car washes.

Samantha will be 5 in January and is taking dance classes. She loves dance and is fascinated by all of the different things that her teacher is teaching the class. She loves her little brother Shawn and loves to help her Mom, whether she wants help or not! She is very smart and learns very quickly. She will start in kindergarten next September.

Shawn is almost 2. He will be 2 in March. He is my climber and climbs on everything. He doesn't want to miss a thing and hates to go to sleep for fear that something will happen that he will not be able to be involved in. Before he learned to walk, instead of crawling he would scoot across the floor with one leg tucked underneath him. He watches very carefully everything that is going on around him and picks up on things very quickly.

We would like to wish all of you a Great Holiday Season.

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