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Kim and Jeremiah Bailey Family 

We bought Mom's home on Dee Park Drive this year and so now we are proud "home owners". We also bought a new car from Mike while he was working at the Team Ford dealership. It helps to have a brother that sells cars, then you get a good deal and you know that you are not being taken advantage of!! Jeremiah has had knee surgery this summer and had to stay off work for about 2 months. He was very glad when he was able to go back to work. He is still attending school, but should be finished by January. He is the soccer coach for Braxton's competition team and has had a really hard time with his surgery, because he couldn't go out and actually play. Kim is still tending kids and is pregnant and due in February. We are having a GIRL and are so excited! Along with tending kids she is a room mother, taxi driver, cook, cleaning lady and soccer Mom!

Braxton is 9 and is in the 4th grade. His first love is SOCCER! He plays forward and is a really good player. School is second to soccer, we are trying to change his mind about that! His favorite subject in school is 'recess'. He does well in school, even though he would rather be playing soccer. He has lots of friends and is his mom's good helper. He loves his little brother Colton and is excited that we are having a new baby.

Jordan is 9 and is also in the 4th grade. In fact he and Braxton have the same teacher. Jordan plays soccer on the same team with Braxton and Jeremy coaches both of them. Jordan is a very good goalie, which is a really hard position and very important if you want to win the game. Jordan is very good at working with his hands and putting things together. He is very analytical.

Colton is 5 and is in Kindergarten (finally!) this year!! He has looked forward to going to the 'big' school with Braxton for a long time and now it is finally here. He loves school. He also plays soccer and Matthew is his coach. He plays on the same team with Jayden. He is getting better and better at handling the ball with his feet and making goals. He is mom's shadow and has a great imagination. He has lots of little friends and is excited about having a new sister coming soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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