Sun Dublan
Ansje and DeMoyne Oliver Family 

Happy Holidays to All! We have had a fun and exciting year. We had the opportunity to Hawaii and meet Ralph and Tina has they were coming home from their mini-mission. It was great to see them and wonderful to be able to enjoy the beauties of Hawaii and of nature itself. We stayed on Oahu right close to Waikiki Beach. We took a trip all the way around the Island to see all of the sights. We also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and were able to enjoy the performance that was put on in the evening. I hope each of you have an opportunity to go to Hawaii and see the beauty of it.

Ansje started a new job in June. I am working at Nellson Neutraceutical Powder Division. The manufacture powder products for Weight Watchers, EAS, Naturade and companies that carry this kind of product. The product is blended from raw materials and recipes at our facility and then shipped out to the warehouse of the company we represent for them to distribute to the consumer. It is a good job, but I will be glad to be able to 'retire' and stay home!

DeMoyne has been involved in a lot of 'old' and 'young' bird pigeon races this year. His birds have done really well. He had one bird that flew 3 races and won the grand slam for the season. These races are anywhere from 150 to 600 miles. They have about 24-30 people in their club and at the beginning of the season as many as 1000 birds race each weekend. Of course, there are losses with each race and so by the end of the season only those birds that are the best and the strongest survive. Right now he is building a new breeding loft for his young birds. This is so that he can start breeding earlier in the season and have his birds be able to compete after they have gone through the 'molt' rather than during the time that this change is taking place.

We have a property and a cabin up Parley's Canyon at Mt. Aire. This summer we have had the opportunity to put a railing on the deck and have been working on it as much as possible. We hope to be able to have it finished enough for us to enjoy it during the winter next year. We have had several barbecues with family up at the cabin and it has really been fun to enjoy the canyon. We had a great big bull moose come and explain to us that we were invading his privacy the last time that we had a family gathering up there. The kids thought that was pretty neat to see such a big animal.

We want to wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!

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