This wonderful Statement is usually given to teachers with application to teaching. We are all teachers whether we do it consciously or not. The most important teaching is done in the home. If parents begin teaching their children with the goal of helping them reach immortality and eternal life then the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be the happy way and they will receive the help of the Holy Ghost in their teaching. We can use this idea in every trip, project and endeavor that we might undertake in our lives.

When we used to plan pack trips into the Sierra Madre Mountains we would begin by sitting down and getting in mind where we would be going and what we would be doing while there. Especially we would get well in mind who all were going and how to prepare to help them have a wonderful trip. With this information firmly in mind then we would sit down and make a detailed check list of what we would need to take.

I would say we are going to Trout Creek to camp and fish for a week and we will be riding around the country to see the country and it's beauty and find good swimming holes and see cave dwellings and terraces. Fifteen people will be going three of them will be small children.

We will need at least 14 good riding animals with saddles , bridles and all that goes with riding equipment. We will need five pack mules with Aparejos and pack ropes and equipment to be able to pack everything we will need for the fifteen people . We will need some hobbles and about three bells for the animals. We will to be turning the animals out to pasture each night and we will want to find them easily each morning and catch them up to ride each day. It will probably rain so we will need rain gear for each person to ride in the rain. The first thing to be put up in camp is two big rain flies over the kitchen and immediate camping area. We used 16 by 14 light tarps tied by each corner to convenient trees.

We will be sleeping there five nights so we will need ten tents and ten sleeping pads. Each tent will need a ground sheet and a rain fly and will need to be trenched to protect the beds from getting wet. We will need a shovel to trench the tents with and to handle the coals of the fire. We used J. C. Penney three man tents for many years and they handled every storm when trenched and equipped with a tight rain fly.

We will need an Ax to help supply the wood for the fire and for every emergency need. We will need to make sure that each person has a sleeping bag or adequate bedding because the nights and early mornings get rather cool.

We will need matches to light the many fires that we will make and to light the Butane Gas Lantern for the dark evenings in the camp. Each tent should have a flash light to help in the night. Toilet Paper and Paper Towels are near the top of the list. Towels and swim suits go on the personal list. Dish soap and dish towels are part of the camp equipment list.

We will be cooking 15 meals so we need to take our two Aluminum grills with detachable legs. We will need our dish set and special bag of utensils with enough dishes and utensils so all can eat together. The dish set also has six kettles of different sizes for our cooking needs. We will be making Herb Tea for early mornings and for each meal. It is nice to sit around the camp fire and munch sweet breads and Doughnuts and sip Herb Tea. We will need to take two big Herb Pots in which to make the Tea. We will need to take the basic herbs to go with the ones we can find in the mountains. We will need the honey to sweeten the tea and other purposes also powdered milk should go on the list.

The breakfast Menu will include Hot Cakes and scrambled eggs varied with fresh Trout fried in butter. Fishing gear and Bait must go on the list so as not to be forgotten. A rifle and a Shot gun will help get camp meat. Fried tenderloin of Venison and Fried Turkey breast really taste good on camp. The ingredients for the Hot Cakes are flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, eggs and oil. The hot cakes will be fried on the grills and served with butter and syrup. Each item must go on the list and the amount calculated to be enough for all purposes. We will make camp biscuits so there must be enough flour and other ingredients for Hot cakes and biscuits.

The first evening meal will be Hamburgers to use up the Ground beef before it spoils. You can't pack a cold box on a pack mule. What meat is left over will be used the next day in a soup for dinner. We can get eight Hamburger Patties from a kilo of meat so we will need four kilos in order to have some left over for the soup. The Hamburger Patties are easier made at home and packed between waxed paper. The Bolillos make good Hamburger Buns and also keep well for use as bread for the whole trip. We would need to take 50 fresh Bolillos from the Bakery.

The menu for each meal must be planned and calculated and each food item must be on the check list. We will need 8 Metal pack boxes and two special wooden boxes. The Dish set and the Grills will not fit in the metal boxes so the wooden boxes were made specially to accommodate them. Two pack boxes will go on each pack mule so they must be packed and balanced with care so they will not rattle and so they will balance the pack and not make it turn over to one side or the other.

The Foam Pads had to be folded double in the middle length wise then rolled tightly from each end and tied securely to form a tight flat package so as to ride well on top of each pack box.

Every needful thing was checked off the list and packed into the vehicles in a way to leave room for the people to ride comfortably.

After a six hour ride over rough mountain roads we would arrive where the animals were waiting for us. Now came the process of choosing carefully a mount to fit each person and get them saddled up and ready to go. Each pack mule was matched up with the Aparejo that best fit that pack mule. The aparejos were adjusted to fit exactly and cinched down tight ready to receive the pack. Some of the mules needed to be blindfolded to be able to pack them.

A pack box was secured on each side of the Aparejo by a rope that went around the boxes crossing in the middle with the ends tied in a square knot on top. The boxes were adjusted to ride level on each side of the Aparejo. The boxes had been marked in balanced pairs. A balanced pair for each mule. A foam pad was placed on top of each box. Then a tent went on top of each foam pad against the Aparejo. The middle was filled with personal gear and sleeping bags and bedding. When the pack was complete and carefully balanced a pack cover was placed over the pack covering the whole pack to protect it from limbs and the rain. The pack rope was thrown over the pack and hooked under the belly and a diamond hitch was laid out ready to tighten down. A man on each side carefully tightened the pack rope until the diamond hitch was formed and was good and tight. The end of the rope was secured on the right side to the main rope by a clove hitch. The ax or the shovel was slipped under the tight ropes on top of the pack with the handle pointing back to avoid getting it caught by limbs of trees that we would be going under. Each mule was packed carefully until everything was packed up. They were all balanced with ten pack boxes, ten foam pads, ten tents and with the personal gear and beds distributed evenly in each pack. Each mule was led at first with a horse hair halter and lead rope to insure a good start down the trail into Trout Creek. The mules were packed carefully so that the pack would ride well and would not have to be adjusted or repacked for the rest of the trip down.

We would begin the trip with not only the end in mind but would keep in mind each beginning along the way and the beginning of each day. The beginning with the end in mind helps us to prepare every needful thing and proceed along the trail of life enjoying each day and each beginning along the way.

If we begin our courtship with the end in mind we will proceed with care to choose an eternal companion. One that we can love and live with through the long years of having and rearing a family. If we have the end in mind which is to have an eternal family then we can enjoy each day through courtship. We can begin our marriage in the Temple to receive the promises and blessings that will bind us together and make us one for eternity. The marriage in the temple can give us a view of the end so that we can keep it in mind through the teaching of our family and enjoy the wonderful years and the journey of life together.

When we begin our education especially higher education we need to have the end and the purpose in mind to carry us through to achieve that end. If we have the end in mind then we can enjoy the years of preparation and anticipate each beginning along the way and be prepared to begin each year and even each day with the end in mind.

If we are taught when we are baptized to begin our life in the church with then end in mind then obedience becomes easy and enjoyable. As our capacity to serve grows we increase in our capacity to love and find joy in our service along the way of life because we know where we are going and what we become as we progress.

When we begin to fellowship and teach the gospel to a neighbor and family we can keep in mind that they can become dear friends even if they do not accept the Gospel right off we will have enriched our lives with friendship and love.

If we begin each day with the thought of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can make life a labor of love and live with purpose and thus live in peace and enjoy each day keeping our purpose and the end in mind.