I has been my experience that there are some people who like to live on the edge precariously close to where Satan can cause them to fall when they least expect it.

There is a line dividing the Lord's side from Satan's side. When we try to live at the edge of the line and even try to put one foot over on Satan's side we are placing that foot where there is no solid footing and that foot can slip at any time and cause us to fall.

Many years ago when I was the Director of the Dublan Grade School I became very friendly with Professor Josué Saucedo who was the Inspector of the State Schools in our Zone. One summer we planned a trip to the Cascada de Basaseachic to spend a few days. He and his wife took their two daughters with them and Naoma and I took Claudia and Anthony with us. We packed the van with all of the camping gear and food that we would need for the trip. We traveled from Guerrero on a good graveled road to the falls and found a nice shady camping spot on the banks of the stream that runs over the falls. We set up camp and went to see where the water ran in a channel of solid rock and pour over the edge to fall a thousand feet to the pool below. We could not get close enough to the edge to see down where the water fell into the pool below. The edge was rounding and sloped so that the closer you got to the edge the steeper it became and was extremely dangerous to approach past the level part of the edge. We decided to find a trail down into the Canyon the next day and go down and get pictures of the falls from down in front of the falls.

We went back to camp and had a good swim in the stream near our camp and found the water to be pleasantly warm since it was in June. We had supper and sat around the campfire visiting and telling stories.

The next morning after a breakfast of Hot Cakes spread liberally with butter and syrup, with a side of scrambled eggs "A la Mexicana" we got ready to hike down the very steep trail into the canyon. Naoma and I with Claudia and Anthony and the two Saucedo girls began the steep descent winding back and forth in a chute between two high cliffs. About half way down we came to a window in the rock facing the falls. Through this window we took many pictures of the perfect view of the falls. Anthony and the Saucedo girls went on down ahead.

When I was ready to go on down Naoma and Claudia decided to stay at the window and wait for us to go down and back up.

I hurried on down to catch up with Anthony and the girls. When I finally reached the bottom of the canyon I was about 100 yards below where the falls fell into it's pool. I was very hot and sweating so I decided to take a dip in a nice deep pool that was formed in the rock of the canyon. It looked very inviting and I stripped off and dropped into the pool. Wow!!!! I came out of there faster than I got in because it seemed like Ice water and I had been expecting it to be like the water up in the stream above the falls. I quickly got dressed reasoning that the evaporation of the water as it fell cooled it down to very cold water. The big stream that came over the falls turned into misty rain drops by the time it had fallen the thousand feet to the pool below. There around the pool the mist formed myriads of rainbows in the sunlight. The whole area was green with a mossy plant that grew on the humid rocks that were watered by the mist.

Just as I was finishing putting on my boots, Anthony came running excitedly to tell me to come and see what he had drug out of the pool. He had carried with him his little lasso rope. He saw something floating around in the pool and had lassoed it and pulled it to the edge of the pool. He was surprised to see that it was a leg of a person. We decided to leave it alone and go and report it to the authorities. We climbed back out the steep trail and finally arrived at our welcome shady camp.

Anthony and the Girls excitedly told Professor Saucedo and his wife what they had found down in the pool. The Professor went immediately to report it to the authorities in the little town of Basaseachic that was about a mile away from our camp.

When he returned he said that they had told him of the tragedy that had happened about a week before. They said that a couple had come to see the falls and had gone to try to see the bottom. As they got closer and closer to the edge they finally realized their danger and that the woman had panicked and grabbed hold of the man and they had both fallen over undoubtedly hitting some jutting rocks on the way down. The bodies had sunk down into the deep cold water and had remained submerged until the day before they had recovered the woman's body but it was minus a leg. They said that the man's body still had not surfaced so they were unable to find it.

When we returned to the falls about twenty years later. The area had been made into a National Park and the graveled road had been replaced with a highway with a branch going around to a point on the south side of the canyon. They had built a big parking area and had made trials out to different points giving many good views of the falls and the rugged canyon into which the water falls. This made it very easy to get good pictures of the falls and not be in any danger of falling off the edge of the cliff. As we looked across that rugged canyon at the beautiful falls with the rainbows surrounding the bottom we were reminded of the tragic fall of the couple that fell years before. We looked over at the edge and could see a pipe railing along the edge of that dangerous cliff. When we went around to the little town to have some dinner at a little restaurant we told the lady about the fall of the people years before. She calmly stated that it was a frequent happening and that just last week a young couple had crawled under the pipe and had fallen to their deaths. Their bodies had just recently been recovered.

In our lives if we venture to close to Satan's side of the line we place ourselves in danger. The farther we go the more dangerous it becomes and the more difficult it is to come back from that steep slippery footing.

Let us all choose this day to serve the Lord and stay on the Lord's side of the line. We must not try to live on the edge and tempt Satan to lure us over to his dangerous slippery side where we are constantly in danger of a tragic fall from which it is so difficult to return.

The Lord has given us repentance to use constantly in returning to the safety of living on the Lord's side of the line which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.