This morning in our prayer we thanked the Lord for the gift of love that He has given us throughout the happy joyful 59 years of our married life. As I walked out into the bright spring sunshine I was greeted with the love songs of the different birds. A mocking bird landed about l5 feet away on the pipe of the swings. He was singing his loudest and most beautiful song. As I moved along the driveway the mocking bird moved along with me until at the end of the driveway he was in the maple tree in front of me, singing his heart out. I thought at the time that he was probably trying to impress a beautiful little female that he was watching. A big male blackbird landed in the maple tree above him whistling his loud whistling calls. I had seen his mate fly into the high Italian Spruce where they have been nesting for years. As I returned up the driveway a white winged dove sat in the Catalpa tree sending forth his varied cooing songs.

My thoughts turned back to that wonderful bright morning when I saw Naoma in the light of the window as I entered the chapel hall. I remember the feeling that came over me and I knew that I had found the one I was looking for. I even said, half aloud, "There she is!" As we met later that knowledge was confirmed. We were both 24 yrs. old and had experienced many dates with different people along the way. We knew what we were looking for and the Lord told me in my heart that it was right.

When I was in Primary we had junior dances to help us learn too dance and how to treat the girls with respect and friendship. In my home I was taught to always respect girls and women. I remember having a date or two for the Jr. Dances.

In grade school I was told by some of the girls in the class that a certain pretty little girl liked me and had carved our initials together high in a tree. In school that little girl while sitting in front of me would get out a pocket mirror and look at me in the mirror. When I would look at her in the mirror she would wink at me and make me turn away quickly.

In the dances we were taught to always dance with all of the girls so as to give them an opportunity to enjoy the dance. In high school I was taught to give different girls the opportunity to go on dates. Some of them got serious enough to hold hands and sit together in some of our classes. I always knew that I had many things to do before even getting serious with a girl or thinking of getting married.

When I was working at Jacob Lake One of Effie Dean's friends was helping in the kitchen. She was a very pretty little blond girl. She would come and get me to go down in the basement with her, to carry up the cans of food and vegetables for the kitchen. She would load my hands and arms with cans then she would tease me by kissing me and telling me not to drop the cans. She was a very pretty girl and I enjoyed the kisses but I knew better than to take her seriously. She never talked of love but commented that I was a big strong boy and she liked to kiss me.

When I arrived in Provo after the summer and fall working at Jacob Lake I registered at Helaman Halls (The boys dormitory). I moved into a room with my dear friend Taylor Abegg and his cousin Lothair Abegg.

I was working for Carl Miller who was head of the ground and building maintenance. I was sent to polish the ballroom floor in the Joseph Building to get it ready for the big Preference Ball. When I got there were some girls decorating for the big dance. As I was polishing the floor Louise Abegg and a friend came over to where I was working. After greeting me warmely Louise introduced her friend to me. She was Barbra McKay daughter of Elder Thomas E, McKay. Louise introduced her as Babs McKay her dearest friend. Louise explained that they were on the decorating committee of the Lamda Delta Sigma or the L.D.S. club of the University. Louise explained that this was their big dance of the year and was called the Preference Ball because the girls were allowed to choose their date for the dance.

Barbara asked me if I would be willing to her her to the ball. I immediately told that I would be glad to take her. Louise explained that since the ball was a formal affair that I would need to rent a tuxedo and buy a crasage for my date. Babs explained that she lived in the Amanda Knight Hall and that I could pick her up there. I told her that I did not have a car and she quickly said that she was used to walking to all of her classes.

The next day I went down to the big clothing store and rented a tuxedo from the rental department. The tuxedo consisted of coat and pants and a stiff collar and pleated shirt front. The man asked me if I wanted the pearl pin that went in the middle of the shirt front and the black bow tie. I told him that I wanted it complete with the very shiny patent leather shoes. He said that the rental fee would be five dollars and they would refund two dollars when the complete outfit was returned in good condition.

I went by the florist shop and bought a nice crasage. I was ready for the ball. When I went to dress for the dance I realized that I did not have a shirt without a collar so I put the shirt front on over my undershirt. I tied it around my waist at the bottom of the shirt front. I put the pants on and adjusted the suspenders so that they would cover the bottom of the shirt front. I put on the coat over my bare arms and put on the bow tie and secured the pearl stick pin in the middle of the front. After putting on the shoes Taylor assured me that I looked pretty sharp. Even though I didn't feel completely dressed.

I walked over to the girls dormitory and went in the big front door into the front sitting room. A young girl came and asked who I came for and I told her that I came for Babs Mckay. She asked me to please sit down and she would tell her that I was here. After a few minutes Babs came down. She was dressed in a beautiful evening gown and came over smiling, saying that she was ready. She was a tall beautiful girl and I felt proud to take her to the dance. I gave her the crasage and she exclaimed at its beauty and one of the girls pined it on her. I helped her on with her coat and opened the door for her as we left. I took her hand and we walked up the hill to the upper campus and entered the beautiful ball room.

The hall was filled with couples dancing to a good dance orchestra. She was a good dancer and we both enjoyed the first few dances together. After each dance Babs was busy taking me from couple to couple to fill out her dance program. I was in my element dancing with the different girls because I had been dancing since I was a little boy. After the dance at the door of the dorm Babs thanked me for a very enjoyable evening and went in to the dorm. I was not invited in because boys were not allowed in the dorm after ten o'clock at night.

I don't remember of ever seeing Babs McKay after that night. In the three years that I was at the Y I dated many girls. I only dated each one once or twice then dated someone else. I was having fun and getting to know many different girls. I seem to have it in the back of my mind that the girl that I would marry would be a girl from the colonies because that is where I wanted to live. I had seen different families leave Dublan because the wife wanted to live in a city of the United States.

I remember In the mission the mission field of a proposal of marriage given to me a few times but I refused knowing that it was not the time, the place, or the one that I wanted to marry. I remember one lady missionary who would ask me to marry her after our mission every time she got the opportunity to talk to me alone. I would tell her simply you are not from the Colonies and I am going to marry a girl from the Colonies. These proposals were not from any girl that I would even consider as a marriage partner. They were definitely not what I was looking for. When I came from my mission and was ready to find an eternal companion I was given the opportunity to see Naoma Haynie and knew that she was the one that I was looking for. I do not doubt that the Lord arranged that she should come down just at that time. It was the right time for both of us and we were married in the temple and sealed for time and all eternity.

We have a wonderful life together raising our family and working together in harmony and love. We have tried to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and keep the Saviors teachings in our marriage.

Everyone is different with attitudes, ideas, and experiences. Each one of us has to choose his own way and his own eternal companion. Our choices will determine the degree of happiness and love that we find in our lives.

Please forgive the personal experiences of this narrative. I can only recount my own experiences and the result of my choices. I felt that I needed to record some of this history as it came to my memory today.