1. he that endureth to the end shall be saved.
New Testament, Matthew 10:22

This scripture has taken on new meaning for us, as we get closer to the end. It seems to get harder because of the many difficulties and diminishing faculties. I speak for myself as an example. First my hips wore out and it became very difficult to get around. Then my hearing faded and now my vision is reduced so that I cannot read or see anything clearly. I am reminded of the river trip that Karl and I took together with the Dublan Explorers. As we went along rafting down the Bavispe River we encountered many different difficulties to overcome.

First we put our backpacks in the bottom of the raft, where they got all wet. We beached our raft and went through our backpacks salvaging everything we could. We put two poles across the middle of the raft, and put our backpacks on the poles to keep them out of the water. One day Harold and Rhett Bowman paddled on ahead and found good deep swimming hole. They pulled the raft out onto the bank. They took off their clothes, and dove into the cool water. As Karl and I came to the pool where they were enjoying the swim, we heard a deafening boom! The hot sun had heated the air in the rubber raft and it had exploded ripping it open, making it a useless pile of rubber. It was decided that they would shoulder their backpacks and go up the high ridge and follow the river to our next camp.

As we rode along, we would occasionally hit a submerged rock with our oar and a little piece of the plastic oar would break off. After 4 days of rowing our paddles were so reduced ,bit by bit, that they were almost useless as oars. When the water was shallow enough we would get out and pull the raft along to make better time.

The last morning we were hurrying to meet the truck that was to pick us up. We came to a temporary dam with sharp sticks protruding above the dam. With Karl on the front and me on the back we lifted the heavy raft up to go over the dam. As Karl went down on the front side of the dam, one of the sharp sticks punctured one of the compartments of the raft and with a !poof! the outer compartment collapsed. Luckly , the inner compartment kept us afloat. With the rest of our group and met our truck. We had endured to the end.

We had traversed about 90 miles of river in five days. We had overcome all of the difficulties, even though near the end our capacity to row was much reduced.

As our lives are nearing the end things become more difficult and our capacities are greatly reduced. Still we must endure to the end and enjoy our lives as we go along. As my physical eyesight has been reduced it seems that my spiritual insight has increased and I am able to see many things more clearly. Things that once seemed very important have now given away to the things that really matter. Our callings in the church have become all important and we receive great joy in our children and our posterity.

In our recent trip to Utah, we had an enjoyable time with many members of our family. We left Dublan early Monday morning the 24th of May. Naoma drove our Volkswagen bug out through Berrendo on through Hachita , through Animas and Rodeo on to Mary and Dougs home. We were surprised to find Mary and Doug home. They had driven late the day before to arrive home to meet us. We stayed a couple of hours and had lunch with them. They helped us change our luggage to our Dodge Spirit Car and helped us get on our way. Naoma drove us down through Douglas and on over to Pomerine to stay with Claudia and Dave s to stay Monday night. They took us out to a Mexican restaurant for some good Mexican food. The next morning Claudia drove us on to Sams. He gave us good check up and we had an enjoyabele visit. Early the next morning, Claudia drove us across the reservation, on to Bluff and Blanding and on up to Lindon. We arrived at Susanns apartment after 9 hours of travel. Karl called and invited us over to a delicious supper. We had a good visit and met Samuel David Brian, the groom for the wedding on Saturday.

Susann had reserved a very nice room in a hotel in American Fork. Karl and Susann went with us to make sure we were all settled in and comfortable. The next morning, we had a very good breakfast, that came with price of the room.

Claudia drove us to Salt Lake to Aunt Dorothy McClellans home. We had a good visit with her and then went onto Woods Cross to visit Aunt Clara and Dorothy Jean Waddell. We had dinner and a very nice visit. Before we went to Woods Cross, we went to the Church Office Building to deliver Patriarchal Blessings.

After a nice visit with Naoma's sisters we had to leave all to soon to go back to Lindon.

Saturday morning it dawned wet and cold. We all prepared for the big day of the Temple wedding. Karl and Shauna picked keith up early to take him to the temple to prepare and sign the marriage license and the marriage certificate and prepare everything for the wedding. The rest of the family came in later, and gathered in the sealing room. I officiated as the sealer for Eliza and Sam. There was a very nice spirit in the wedding, and was a very nice occasion for the couple because many of their family members were there for this special sealing for Eliza Nan Bowman and Samuel David Brian. They were very happy to be sealed for Time & all Eternity and begin their Eternal Family.

Many pictures were taken in front of the Temple. Then all went out to a big dinner for all the people too a buffet dinner. The food was very good and the visiting with all the families was even better.

Karl and family did a very good job of decorating the cultural hall of the church for the reception. Karl had prepared his beautiful back yard for the reception, but the weather turned wet and cold, so they held the reception in the cultural hall. The reception was very well attended. Lots of family and friends gathering for refreshments, visiting, and dancing.