We can know of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ only by living it.

In this life we must live by faith and really believe what the Savior taught in order to achieve the happiness and joy we are all seeking. As we read the Savior's most known teachings it might seem that they contradict reason and the philosophy of the world.

"He that looseth his life shall find it, and he that seeketh his life shall lose it".
Those who have enough faith in the His teachings to lose their lives in His service and the service of their fellow men will know that they have truly found their lives full of joy and happiness. Those who seek their own self satisfaction and gratification in all things can only be the most miserable of all men and actually lose that which they were seeking.

We must learn to live by faith in the Savior and His Gospel in order to know that it is true and that it actually works in everyday life.

I am reminded of some times when I was impressed with the lack of faith of other people in things that were known to me but could not be seen by others.

When Keith LaRae was an Explorer Scout we organized an exchange with the Explorer post from Sacramento California. They were to come first and we would take them for a week on a horse Pack trip into the Sierra Madre mountains. Each two of our boys were to take two or three of the California boys into their camp and provide for them in all their needs. We sent all of the animals and equipment to the mountains where we met them at Las Amarillas. There we all packed up all of the equipment, theirs and ours, which was a great experience in itself. One of the leaders watching the proceedings commented to me "You will never get all of this stuff on the packs". After a few incidents of bucking of some new pack mules and repacking. We got everything packed up and all of the boys mounted each on his own horse for the trip. In my camp I had the leaders and two boys. I was proud of our boys who did very well providing for all of the boys that came.

We were off up over the blues down across the Diamond Mesa and into the head of Trout Creek. It was a beautiful trail and all went well even for most of the California boys since it was their first time on a horse and especially the first time on the rugged mountain trails. As we traveled down Trout Creek it had been raining and was still sprinkling a little. We arrived in our chosen camp site a little before sundown and we all got busy setting up our individual camps and helping our guests to dismount and get comfortable. While I was setting up my camp I said to one of the leaders, "Take some of the boys and go catch us some Trout for supper". He Promptly asked, "Where? There are not any Trout here I haven't seen any". I urged him, "They are right there in the stream waiting for you to catch them. I see you came prepared with all of your equipment like I said". He argued that we would have to go to a bigger river to find any trout because he had purposely watched and had not seen any, not even one. I took my little rod and baited the hook with a worm from the can I had brought and walked about 20 feet to the stream. By this time many of the California boys had gathered around us. I said, "See that rock out there in the middle of the stream, there is a nice Trout out there waiting for this worm". I cast the worm into the current just above the rock and with a flash and splash the Trout took the worm and with a flip of my wrist I landed a beautiful 10 inch Rainbow Trout among the surprised boys. They all scattered running for their fishing poles. Most of them borrowed worms but the leader had his special Fly rod and weighted Casting Line.

I went back to work setting up camp and got a fire going ready for their return. Soon the excited boys came back bringing the catch to their respective camps. The skeptic leader returned and excitedly sang," Mexico I am enchanted". He had a nice stringer of good sized Trout. We had a good supper of fresh Rainbow Trout fried in butter. He commented later around the fire, I would have never believed it if I had not experienced it myself.

If we want to know of the doctrine of Jesus Christ we must live it and experience it then we can know that it is true.

Years later Ray Wood and Doug Brown came to see me with a plan to set up a company called Sierra Madre Expeditions. After talking a while they asked me if I would take them on a trip into the Sierra Madre. I suppose, to see if I was qualified to handle this end of the company.

We loaded up the van with all of the equipment we would need and were ready to depart. They looked at the load skeptically and asked if I was sure that the van could make it up to the mountains. I explained that this load was about half what we usually took for ten or twelve people and that it had always made it before. Ray commented to Doug that they might have to buy a 4x4 truck. I told them that I was sorry but this old Volkswagen Van only had a 3 wheel drive. "Three wheel drive, how is that", Doug asked doubtfully. "Well", I said, "two on the back and one on the steering wheel". They looked at me like they thought that I had lost my marbles. I only mention these things to show that they were plenty doubtful.

We left early the next morning and drove through Pacheco, over the continental divide and down into the Gavilan river Country. We crossed the Gavilan at Elvin Whetten's Ranch and took a good logging road South and turned on the road that went up over the blues and dropped into the Cebadilla. Then Brother Morales and I went to locate the animals we needed for the trip. We found enough in the first bunch we located and brought them back to the Corral and fed them hay for the night. The next Morning we packed up and took the trail down to the Gavilan river on the west side of the Blues. Ray wood was leading one of the pack mules and suddenly she went bucking down the steep trail and stopped on the edge of a cliff where the trail turned sharply to switchback. We talked her into letting us straighten her pack and she continued on down calmly letting Ray lead her all the way to camp.

This trail goes along the top of a cliff above the Gavilan river for about 500 yards affording a beautiful view of the cliffed up river at this point. They asked several times. "How do we get down there". I would answer. "Just follow the Trail". Soon the Trail wound down through a natural cut in the cliff and into the river water at a good crossing. We camped in a wide open meadow near the river where it opened up above the Old Burgos Ranch. It was just at sundown and we unpacked and unsaddled our horses and mules and set up a comfortable little camp. We hobbled and belled the lead horses and let them all graze down river. I was starting to prepare our supper when a Turkey gobbled down river a ways. I sent Brother Morales to watch and see where they went to roost. I cautioned him to tie a handkerchief on the tree so that we could find it in the dark. By the time brother Morales came back we were eating supper. He said that he had located the tree that one of them had flown into.

After supper I handed Doug my 22-250 and a flashlight and told him to go with Brother Morales and shoot the Turkey for camp meat. He and Ray went eagerly to hunt the Turkey. I cleaned up the dishes and the camp and set up some tents for the night. Soon they came back saying that there were no turkeys in any of the trees. I asked brother Morales if he had marked the tree and he said that the handkerchief was still on the tree but that they would not believe that the Turkey was in the tree. I went with them to find the Turkey. We approached the marked tree and Doug and Ray both said the Turkey is not in that tree we will have to look in all of the others. I took the flashlight and shining it up into the tree I walked slowly around the tree finally I saw the Turkey's head and neck stretch out and look down at the light. He had been pretty well hidden among the branches of the big pine tree. I showed him to Doug so that he could shoot him. Doug said that he was afraid that he might miss and wanted me to shoot. I shot the Turkey and he came down with a thud on the pine needles below the big tree. It was a big gobbler with a long beard. Doug took the beard for a souvenir. I told Doug that he could have his chance to kill his Turkey in the morning. He insisted that they had searched all of the trees around and there were no more Turkeys. The next morning just before daylight we were awakened by a booming gobble that sounded like the Turkey was right in our camp in the still morning air. Doug and Ray excitedly put there clothes on and with the rifle went to find that big Turkey Gobbler. It was farther than they thought so by the time they located the Turkey by the sound, he had flown out of the tree and was strutting in the early dawn light. Doug shot and the Turkey jumped in the air and ran down river disappearing among the rocks and trees. All Doug brought back was a couple of feathers.

That morning we had fried turkey breast for breakfast that tastes much better on a cold morning when excitement has sharpened the appetite.

They had lost faith in brother Morales and concluded that he had marked the wrong tree because they could not see the turkey. I am sure that they learned that just because you can't see 'em is no reason that they are not there.

I guess they concluded that I was qualified to help them with their company because they went ahead and advertised and brought groups down and we took them on many interesting and successful trips. Doug even bought a Volkswagen Van instead of a 4x4 truck. All those other trips are stories for another time, but for this purpose I have used their lack of Faith in the things that they had not seen or experienced.

If ye are compelled to go one mile. Go with him twain. (Not an exact quote but near enough) That seems like it is not very practical advise but it works because I have tried it. So it is with the Savior's teachings if we do them we can know they are true and will bring us joy and happiness in this life and exaltation in the eternities.