The plan of our Heavenly Father was to send us here to earth,
Here to receive a body, parents and a noble birth.
He gave us all forgetfulness so we could pass the test.
By doing the will of the Father we can come into his rest.

We might meet a new acquaintance that we've never met before,
And feel that we've known them always, even forever more.
Did we promise to help each other while here in this earthly state?
Did we promise to love each other and become an earthly mate?

The key to God's plan here on earth is to obey His every command.
If we seek His guidance in all we do He will take us by the hand.
And lead us through His Gospel plan and teach us of our worth.
He sent us here a mission to fill and helped us choose our birth.

We are married for time and eternity in the Temple of our Lord
We can receive this wonderful blessing through obedience to his word.
Our families are sealed forever so we can live and be secure.
We must learn to live together through love we learn to endure.

We are born with many differences and develop in different ways.
We'll never be exactly the same, no never in all our days
Our Heavenly Father has given us the freedom to choose His plan,
We may live in joy and happiness if we obey I am sure we can.

He knows our strengths and weaknesses he knows just what we'll do.
He gave us all a job to do He gave us our families too.
May we choose to live together in harmony and love.
May we all receive our mansions He has prepared for us above.

S. Keith Bowman July 18, 2002