When we fence a space, be it a ranch or field or what ever, we have several purposes in mind. First to encircle and protect that which is precious within and so it can develop and grow without being hindered and destroyed by the evil and destructive forces without.

Second: to keep evil and destructive forces out and we usually have a gate to permit entrance and exit. Usually the gate is operated by the owner of the property who decides what is to come in and what is to go out.

Now I will explain why I gave this obvious explanation of fences. I will call it the parable of the fence: We have a beautiful little property in the mountains but it was barren and overgrazed and the flood waters were causing erosion and destruction along the creek and the muddy water would quickly run off and be gone leaving scars and gashes in its wake. It pained us to see this conditions and wanted to do something about it. When the Team of specialists from the Department of the Interior of the US. Gov. came down and gave some seminars on the conservation of small streams and range land, they suggested that we fence out the creek giving it protection and a chance to grow back. With my strengthened resolve we fenced out the creek leaving watering places for the cattle to drink where they would do little damage.

Now after two years we can see the marvelous results. The creek has grown back with all kinds of water plants, herbs, grasses and Pussy Willows. Even the Pines and Poplars are thriving. The stream is running crystal clear even after a rain because it is not washing the soil away. The Tiger lilies and star flowers and all of the other beautiful plants are coming back to bloom and grow and multiply.

The team also suggested that we take out the cedars that suck up the moisture more than any other tree or plant. We have taken many of them out but still have many to go because they have become a plague.

In our homes and our lives we need to put up a fence around our homes and around our selves. The only fence that can protect the precious things that are within is to create a protection by keeping the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ. we can enforce that fence with faith and a strong Testimony of the living Christ. This fence can keep out the constant bombardment of evil from without and give us a chance to flourish and grow within. With that protection we can bring to flower our spiritual gifts and talents and let the clear waters of the Gospel firm up our roots and help us to grow strong in our convictions and moral standards. In this climate our children can grow up in peace and happiness and become more independent and strong so that when it comes their time to go out of the gate of the home fence they will have a fence of their own which they can extend around their eternal companion and around their own home and family.

We need to sometimes weed out the bad habits and the cedars that suck out the moisture of our spiritual stream and cause a drying up of the life giving spirituality.

Another purpose of the fence is that the water level of the stream will increase and the productivity of the whole will increase and be of greater value. Also in our lives if protected by the living of the Gospel of Jesus Christ our spiritual flow will increase and our productivity will increase and we will be of more value to our Heavenly Father and to our family and community and to our fellow men.

When Horses are placed in a new pasture they will go around all of the fence, not looking for a way out but so that they can learn what the limits are. After seeing the limits they will settle down and be happy knowing that they are secure within the limits of the fence. If our children in the family know the limits of the fence and the standards of the Gospel, then they feel secure knowing where their protection and limits are and what is expected of them.

When I think of our Father's plan of happiness and eternal progress I can see the necessity of the fence, his laws and commandments to teach us the way to joy and eternal life. We can put up the fence of obedience and love and feel the security and joy of His love and protection.