Sun Dublan
Light of Life 

Yesterday I was walking in the garden in the warm spring Sun and saw the new life of spring budding and growing in each plant and tree. After the cold days of freezing weather the Sun had warmed the earth and things began to sprout and grow. The Savior in his creation brought light and life to the earth just as he is the light and life of the earth and of all men. The love of the Savior filled my heart with love for my wife, family and all of you and even for all things. I tried to let out my feelings in this little poem.

THE LIGHT OF LIFE What is the cold the snow and the sleet?
Could it only be the absence of heat.
The clouds can obscure the Sun's warm rays,
Bringing sadness and chill to us in some ways.

  The sun is warmth bringing new life and power;
Warming the earth swelling each seed and flower.
The seed lies cold like the cold hearts of men,
Till the power of the Son warms the heart again.

  When adversity comes and my heart starts to chill,
May I seek for His warmth, may I do his will.
Absence of His light brings the darkness of night
Only the warmth of his love can make all things be right.

  The warm rays of the sun penetrate the cold earth,
Giving power and growth bringing life and rebirth.
The Lord through His word gives us warmth and light,
 Giving warmth to our hearts and dispelling the night.

  I thank thee dear Lord, for the touch of Thy hand
Thou hast touched many hearts in this great land.
May the warmth of Thy spirit touch each heart and soul
Giving light and life may each heart be made whole.

  May the Savior's love fill your lives with love and joy and may His blessings fill your every need. We send our love to each of you and we pray for your well being and happiness.

3/6/2003 Webmaster: Troy Bowman