While walking along this morning I turned and looked up to see
The wild white, lovely Snow Geese in a long and grand spreading V.
 The steady and rythmic beating of their beautiful, black tipped wings.
Carried them swiftly seeking for the fields of grain and things.

I watched them flying all lined up winging through the azure sky
And began to really wonder and think and ponder why;
What makes them always fly along in that long line so precise?
Is there some special reason for them to always look so nice?

Do they help one another in flying as they push the air along?
Giving help and strength to each other with their clear clarion song?
Did God our Heavenly Father teach the Geese to fly that way,
To really help each other fly through the flight of every day?

Let us learn this important lesson and live in such a way
As to give our strength to others through out the long, long day.
Let's fly along together each day making our beautiful V.
Keeping the Lord's commandments then we will be free.

The old black crow is selfish you know, no order nor union in flight.
He's contentious and greedy flying along seeking his roost for the night.
He tries to steal the other bird's eggs thinking only of his own appetite.
No thought of the suffering of others; No thought of doing what's right.

In our flight of life and even now we need to do things for others.
Take every chance that we have to serve, helping our sisters and brothers.
Expressing our love to family and friends with acts of kindness and love.
Then we'll have peace and love in our lives and blessings from God above

S, Keith Bowynan. Oct. 26, 2001