The other day, we received a visit from Emilio Burgos and his uncle Elieser Perez. Elieser's grandaughter Kiria told me on Sunday that Elieser was in town and wanted to visit me. When they came we greated them warmely and sat to visit awhile. During our visit Elieser casually told me the following story:

During the revolution, General Cirilo Perez, Elieser's father, was traveling through the mountains and traveled through Colonia Garcia. They found the little colonia completely abandoned. Accept for one young man who was there to take care of the homes and the animals of the town. Don Cirilo sent one of his men to buy some eggs from the man. He gave the man one peso and said he wanted to buy some eggs. To the man's surprise, the young Garciaite loaded him down with one hundred eggs. Charging him one centavo per egg. Elieser and Emilio laughed and comented, "I guess they had to have an extra pack mule to carry the eggs."

This little story at the time was not important enough to record as history. The story impressed Don Cerilio enough to pass it on to his son and family. After our visitors had gone my imagination took hold of this story and began to see that young man and his companions in and around Garcia. I imagined that after all of the people left and congregated in El Paso that the Bishop of Garcia chose two or three young men and asked them to go back to Garcia to take care of the homes and the animals that had been hurriedly left behind. I can imagine them riding horseback avoiding the main roads and trails, and traveling hidden as well as possible until they came to their mountain home in Garcia. Here they would gather all of the cattle and horses that had been left and with provisions on their pack horses drive the animals to hide them in the remote mountains of the Sierra Madre. One would have to stay behind to watch over the homes and the chickens and the pigs of the town. I can imagine these young men moving from one hiding place to another to avoid being found by the soldiers of the Revolution.

I can imagine the lonely vigle of the one in the town and his surprise and gratitude when Don Cirilo and his men came and respected the homes and the property of the town and sent a man to buy some eggs. He had plenty of eggs and probably no money. He was very glad to sell his eggs for the peso.

This morning Naoma and I went down to Sis Martin's and bought l5 eggs for 25 new pesos. Each new peso is worth 1,000 of the original peso used to buy the 100 eggs. Quite some change from those dangerous times and the price of eggs today. The story of those who came back to Garcia was probably never recorded. Maby those young men told it to their children only to be forgotten and lost.

Father Haynie related his experiences during the revolution. He and some other young men went back to Oaxaca Sonora. They gathered up the cattle and horses all that they could find, and drove them into the mountains. They hid them taking them from place to place where they had provisions hidden. He said that a few times soldiers came to take their animals and they had to fight them off with their rifles from hidden positions. Finally Dad Haynies father Patrick Calhoun Haynie told them to come out of Mexico because he did not want any of them to be killed.

I imagine those young men and those from Garcia enjoyed the adventure of making secret camps and the hard riding to take care of the horses and cattle they were trying to protect. We can imagine the days of hunger and all the work they had to do to survive.

We are doing well here in Dublan and are awed and amazed at the great changes from those times less than a hundred years ago, to now when we can sit comfortably in our own home and watch the General World Conference of the Church. Now we are writing this letter that will be sent electronically to all of you in a blink of an eye. As I think of it I have lived to see the change from the horse & buggy days to the space age of today. We can now communicate instantaneously with people all over the world. Norway is just a click away.

May we use these wonderful changes to do good and accomplish the purposes of our Heavenly Father.