From the experiences of this beautiful day I feel in my heart a great gratitude for the wisdom of our Heavenly Father in His creation of the universe with its order and limitless variety.

The saying, "Variety is the spice of life", seems to me so inadequate to express the variety that we enjoy each day and each hour.

This morning early While waiting for a lady to arrive for her Patriarchal Blessing I walked out into the yard into the cool fresh morning with the sky so clear and blue that it took my breath away. Everything was fresh from a little sprinkle of rain last night. The beautiful Cana Lilies were all in their glory of bloom. Each one different but all together forming long line of yellow with blotches of deep red at random along the line. Some of the flowers had an occasional red petal among the different shades of yellow. Here and there were some dark red stocks and leaves among the green of her sisters.

The Lady that came for her blessing was a nice looking lady with a very good attitude and spirit. She is 41 years old and has three boys. She has been divorced for the past nine years and has worked and raised her boys by herself. She received just what she needed in her blessing to help her in her life and family. The Lord certainly knows each one of His children and is mindful of their needs and knows their strengths and weaknesses. Each one is different and each receives different promises and blessings. Some times I am surprised and a little fearful at the blessings and promises made to the people.

After giving the blessing and writing it up we had breakfast which in itself is full of variety. When I went out side again it was a bright warm sunny day filled with gladness and joy. It seemed that everything around was rejoicing to be alive in this bright sunny calm day.

I took Ventura with me and drove over to the Ceja to collect some Chaparral to make a strong poultice to put on Santos' horse that he has out here on our lot. The horse has a bruise on his left hind ankle that is swollen and painful. We will make a strong tea of Chaparral and mix it with dirt to make a good mud poultice and put it on wrapped in newspaper. It might take two of three applications but I am sure that in a few days the horse will be as good a new.

On the way over to the Ceja I could not help but notice Scott's Wheat field which is ripe and ready to harvest. It is a striking gold patch between the green orchards. We drove through the river that is lined with giant green cottonwood trees and willow trees and then up onto the Ceja into the desert plants of Chaparral and Mesquite. The Mesquites were just starting to put on their bean pods and the Chaparral and all of the desert plants looked fresh and green in spite of the lack of rain for the past four months. The Chaparral filled the air with its strong bitter resinous smell reminding us of it's antiseptic and curative properties.

Mom and I went to Casas Grandes to go to the post office and get the phone bill and pay it. Luz Elva was at the pay window and eager for conversation. I left when I could see the line getting long behind me. We passed by the Hardware store and bought a galvanized T and some nipples so we could install the pressure switch on the water system. We also bought a two pronged plug in terminal to put on the centrifugal pump we will use to water the back lawn and flowers when we get the water tomorrow.

We put the Chaparral Tea on to steep and went out to the pump and installed the pressure gage that we bought in Animas for the purpose of measuring the pressure on our water system. As we came out of the pump house we heard a far away rumble of thunder and the puffy cotton like thunderheads were beginning to roll up over the Sierra Madre in the South West. A cool breeze began to blow and relieved the heat of the afternoon sun.

We got the poultice on the horse and he is now standing in the shade of the big apricot tree. He is all filled out now and is not eating even though he is standing in knee deep green grass. He looked like a gutted snowbird when he came and his ribs were showing and he looked like he had not eaten for a week. The poultice will relieve the pain and heal the bruise. Many times we fail to use the wonderful natural curative properties that are available in the earth.

I have to smile at the variety of herbs we use each morning when we are at home. I squeeze some fresh orange juice then put in a dropper full each of Heart Tincture, mind tincture, eye tincture, and tincture for the immune system. Each of these Tinctures I made up with three or four herbs in each solution. We also take a variety of vitamins just to be on the safe side and to try and heal the aches and pains of our advancing years.

When I sat down to write this email the door bell rang and Ofelia Madrid was at the door bringing a bag of delicious Hot Tamales to sell. Ofelia a while back had cancer of the breast and came to take the herb treatment we have to kill the parasites that are reported to cause cancer. She took the treatment and continued it for a while and the cancer disappeared. Now she is well and very happy about it.

Now it is evening and the sun is setting edging the few remaining clouds with silver and gold. As I looked I thought that I had never seen that exact formation and color before. No matter how many Sunsets we see they are all different and ever changing.

Some one in a truck just went by with his boom box vibrating the windows and drowning out the chorus of birds singing their evening song. I thought of the contrast between the joyous singing of the birds and that booming, vibrating music. I guess it was music, all we could hear was the boom! boom! boom! of the bass. I love good music and it has been a powerful influence throughout my life. I can't help but mention the great variety of Music. I love music from the Sacred and classical to the Corridos(Ballads) of Mexico.

To finish off this day of variety we will listen to some wonderful talks on BYUTV. We will go work in the Temple in the morning to add even more variety to our lives. VARIETY CERTAINLY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.

We went to the Temple this morning and helped with the Baptisms from the little branch of Enriquez during the first session then when the group from Agua Prieta came we stayed over to help with their session. We even have a variety of different assignments in the Temple and always have different patrons come so the work is never quite the same.