Who built the Egyptian Pyramids, the Pharaohs or the Slaves?

As I proclaimed the title of this writing, Claudia, Mom and I spent a few minutes laughing and joking about this controversial subject. This subject concerning History, can be very controversial at times when different authors or story tellers try to claim the credit for doing things that were done with many cooperative hands.

As we all know history has many versions according to the version of each historian. In my writing I have been careful to make it clear that the things that I was telling about were written according to my memory of the occasion or happening. This can be quite a funny thing when two or three people claim the credit for doing the same thing.

My Father said on many occasions; "You can get a lot done if you don't care who gets the credit." Actually it really doesn't matter who gets the credit as long as the great and noble things get done.

I wish to illustrate a few experiences how very controversial these few words can be, "Who Done It".

About three months before Christmas Mary, Doug and Family said they were coming down home for Christmas. So Mom and I began to search our minds for acceptable Christmas presents for all the people involved. I spent many early mornings, when I receive a lot of inspiration and do a lot of planning, working on some ideas and acceptable Christmas presents for those who would be with us for Christmas. Finally I discussed with Mom if it wouldn't be good to make some little old fashion rocking cradles with dolls in them for some of our Great-granddaughters and probably a little jewelry box for those that were older. So I took Ventura with me in the Van, because I don't drive any more, we went up and bought several sheet of plywood with a good finish on one side.

Then from the plans that I had drawn in my mind we began to cut the pieces and put together three little rocking cradles. I would tell Ventura to measure an exact measurement of width and length of each piece. I helped him draw the part of the circle that would form the rockers for the little cradles.

I helped him hold them together as they were put together with screws and glue. And tested each piece by feeling it if it was sanded correctly. I had him take me up to buy the paint and the equipment which to paint the cradles, and sat by while he worked and sanded and painted and put a nice finish on each cradle.

The point that I wish to make here is when I told someone that I had made three little rocking cradle for our Great-granddaughters, my sweet wife pointed out that I had not made them, but that Ventura made them. You be the judge of "Who Done It".

When my Bowman Uncles came down for my Father's Funeral, they had me take them in my vehicle up to the Old Head-gates that takes the water out of the River into the Canal that was built to carry the water to the Lakes. All three of them, especially Uncle DeMar and Uncle Dev began to tell me that they had mixed the cement with shovels and hauled it in wheelbarrows to build those head-gates. They did not stop to explain that probably 50 other young men and boys were working on the project at the same time. Then they had me drive them up the Grade on the Mountains and showed me the different bridges where they worked and slaved to put in the foundations for the bridges for the railroad. As I look back on that occasion I remember that I could just see them working with the many other men like ants all over the side of the Mountains. When they said that they toiled and sweat to build the bridges I believe that they did their part in building that massive project.

On one occasion my wife and I were listening to a discussion in a family gathering. Mother and Aunt Lucille were talking about the old days before the Revolution. Mother happened to mention that Grandpa, Henry Eyring Bowman, was responsible for having the Canal built to take the water from the River to the Lakes. Aunt Lucille immediately come over to Mother and said, "Now Jen, you know that Pa done that".

There were probably over a hundred men and teams with scrapers and plows and equipment who built that Canal from the River to the Lakes.

It seems that people only want to take credit for the good and wonderful things that are done. Nobody wants to take credit for the fiascoes or failures. They always blame somebody else.

Isn't it wonderful that we all have different experiences and see the same things very differently.

When a man sits in an air conditioned cab of a big combine in operating it, it thrashes many tons of wheat. Who does the work, the man or the machine? When you pound a nail in a board with a hammer, who does the work, you or the hammer? When we built some new rooms on our house, "Who Did It"? Did we do it or did the men that did the work do it. Some put up the walls and some put on the roof, others plastered inside while still others installed the plumbing.

I guess you might say we are carrying this to an extreme, when you say "Who Done It", but think about it. When the worlds were created with the all of the systems regulated and intertwining to make this perfect wonderful world, then we begin to realize that the power of God controls and does all things. When we grow a good garden by working and doing everything just right, "Who Does It". We must recognize that through the power of the Lord things grow and produce the good things of the garden.

When we get to feeling that we have done some great work or get that feeling of accomplishment we must remember and ask ourselves, "Who Done It".