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October 2003 Archives 

October 26, 2003

Peekabeuk Article 08:35 PM, 0 Comments

Posted Mark and Jane Dame's Peekabeuk.

October 25, 2003

Foundation 08:33 PM, 0 Comments

A couple cement walls to show for.

October 24, 2003

Peek-a-Beuk 02:24 AM, 0 Comments

I've begun to assemble the Beuk family newsletter called "Peek-a-Beuk" here on As more and more people submit their stories, I'll update that page with it. I should make them just go type it right in on the website, but people don't seem to like to do that for some reason.

October 22, 2003

October 21, 2003

Footings 11:51 AM, 0 Comments

Some pictures at the footings of the house...

October 15, 2003

ImageMagick 04:20 AM, 1 Comments

I finally came up with a way to make ImageMagick cast a shadow on a picture to make it look as if the picture is behind the page. I've changed my scripts so that they automatically generate pictures look this way now.

October 13, 2003

Gedcom Additions 01:09 AM, 0 Comments

Spent some time and finally got around to using LifeLines (since PAF is only available for ugly Windows and MacOS9) to add some info to our Bowman Gedcom. The additions provided information for Aunt Kathleen's family, provided by Clyde Criddle, and information for Uncle Claudius's family, provided by Willis Jensen. I was initially scared off by LifeLine's method of editing a gedcom, but now that I used it a bit, it makes total sense. I wanted to write a gedcom merging script, but I just don't have the time to sit there and think about and code it up. Sigh.

October 08, 2003

New Uncle Keith Article 11:42 AM, 0 Comments

I've posted Uncle Keith's 92nd Article, Love One Another. This one even has pictures!

October 02, 2003

Spam, spam, spam, spam. 02:28 PM, 0 Comments

After a stint last night of getting all my bayes database up to date with all the mail I have, I've been working for the longest while getting almost every mail I have learned, either good or bad. It's fun to see this included:

 5.4 BAYES_99               BODY: Bayesian spam probability is 99 to 100%
                            [score: 1.0000]

And it's pretty darned accurate, too. So, now I'm more familiar with how spamassassin deals with bayes stuff.

October 01, 2003

Training Bayesian Filters 10:14 PM, 0 Comments

I've been collecting spam for a year now. Now I have close to 1,500 messages that were sent to me that were spam. I went through my spam archives and added to that list all the messages that spamassassin missed, and now I'm running

sa-learn --spam --mbox junkspool

...on all of them, getting spamassassin to learn my spam. After that, I'll run

sa-learn --ham --mbox archive

...on all my archives of good mail. I just love the bayesian algorithm. The more spam people send, the more we will be able to block it. I can't wait for the day when spammers realize that no one is getting their mail and they just stop.

I plan to keep all my archives so I can train a new bayes database at the drop of a hat. Just thought you'd like to know. So there.

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