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April 05, 2004

Personal Weather Station 12:46 PM, 0 Comments

There are so many things in technology that I want to play with. A few days ago, we had a wind storm that was quite ferocious in our area. Weather stations like at the airport and such didn't show as much wind as it felt like it was where I live. It got me thinking as to whether I could find a relatively affordable wind/temp meter that interfaces with a computer, preferably running linux or other non-microsoft OSes.

I found a neat Open Source piece of software called OWW for one wire weather. After looking at what this person did, I was more interested in finding equipment. My first look turned up a pricey piece of equipment, just for wind. After looking a bit more, I found a mexican company makes a more economical version. So, I couldn't resist. I ordered one of these. After all, I need another excuse to having a pole on my roof :) It will be neat to graph the output of this thing over time, like this guy does.

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