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February 02, 2004 Archives 

February 02, 2004

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Hmm, seems the new year has had me posting less and less to this blog. I'm not much of a blogger anyway, but for what it's worth, I've been busy outside of the computer realm. I imagine that in the summer, or even next winter, I'll be back to my old cyber self. Especially if I have one of these by then. Gotta wait till the dual 3 gigahertz ones come out in the summer, ya'know. Really, they promised! Besides, I'm supposed to be saving for other stuff, as said stuff has been keeping quite a lot of my attention lately.

Anyone know a cooperative lawyer, bank manager, or CPA that would be really nice and sign a paper saying that I am who I say I am with some forms of ID, without charging me an arm and a leg? I've been wanting to get my e-mail key notarized, and getting a couple of the above to sign a paper is the best way, as it instantly makes me a notary to be able to sign other peoples' keys in Thawte's web of trust. Unfortunately, the Lawyer I know is in Costa Rica, the CPA I know doesn't work at a firm, and I don't know any bank managers. I guess I'll just have to pay their high fees. Sigh.

What, you want me to ramble more? Sheesh, you go this far. Hmm. Well, I'll have to catch you later.

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