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March 18, 2004 Archives 

March 18, 2004

True Cisco DSL 01:10 PM, 0 Comments

So, what was the Cisco 675 and 678? They weren't even Cisco technology, at least I hear. Cisco bought the technology from Netspeed for the deal with (then) USWest. The Netspeed product was called "Homerunner" or something. That explains why the 675 and 678 use a weird operating system that isn't related to cisco products.

That's why I'm excited to get my new Cisco 827 up and running. Knowing Cisco products, it will be more solid and feature rich than the 67x series. Feature rich where it counts, that is. Who needs a web interface to configure a router? Though, it can be a simple webserver for some static files kept in ram if needed. A text-based interface is so much simpler. I should be getting DSL in a couple days to try to get it working. When I get it working, I'll post the configuration here, so I can refer to it if I need it. I've already got it working with NTP and other neat things that Cisco IOS does that the cheap cbos could only dream of doing. Cisco even uses a true-blue Alcatel chip.

If anyone wants a 675, it's available, free of charge :)

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