Sun Dublan
Emacs notes  
Installing emacs on OS X with carbon support:

  curl -O
  tar zxf texinfo-4.3.tar.gz
  cd texinfo-4.3
  CFLAGS="-g -O2 -D_INTL_REDIRECT_MACROS" ./configure
  sudo make install

  cd ..
  cvs login
  cvs -z3 co emacs
  cd emacs
  ./configure --with-carbon --without-x
  make bootstrap
  sudo make install

Emacs has many acronyms :)

EMACS: Escape Meta Alt Control Shift
EMACS: Emacs Makers Are Crazy Sickos
EMACS: Every Mode Accelerates Creation of Software
EMACS: Embarrassed Manual-Writer Accused of Communist Subversion
EMACS: Excellent Manuals Are Clearly Suppressed
EMACS: Elsewhere Maybe All Commands are Simple
EMACS: Epileptic MLisp Aggravates Compiler Seizures
EMACS: Each Mail A Continued Surprise
EMACS: Easily Mangles, Aborts, Crashes, and Segfaults
EMACS: Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping
EMACS: Even a Master of Arts Comes Simpler 
EMACS: Emacs Manuals Are Cryptic and Surreal 
EMACS: Eventually Munches All Computer Storage 
EMACS: Even My Aunt Crashes the System 
EMACS: Esoteric Malleability Always Considered Silly 
GNUEMACS: Generally Not Used Except by Middle Aged Computer Scientists 
EMACS: Extended Macros Are Considered Superfluous
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