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September 13, 2003 Archives 

September 13, 2003

New Uncle Keith Article 07:04 PM, 0 Comments

I've posted Uncle Keith's 90th article.

Thumbnails 06:25 PM, 0 Comments
Let's see if I can put the HTML for a thumbnail and link in one of these entries for the heck of it.
Gill Sans 03:59 PM, 0 Comments

I've been using Gill Sans as my font on this site, but realized that no one besides the elite Macintosh users have this font by default. Sigh. It's a really nice looking font, but all you non-mac users will have to pay $21 to use it... also uses Gill Sans by default. They've got their priorities straight. No wonders their site looks so clean, they use Macs. Mac users seem to appreciate cleanliness from the ground up. It's like, some people can stand to live in the dirty slums with murders and whores every night, while some people like to live in clean, safe neighborhoods. Just so, some people like to stand Microsoft's woes, and some people love the clean, well-designed Mac. Ah, someday.

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