Sun Dublan
Half-Life 2 

November 17, 2004

Half-Life 2 01:19 PM, 0 Comments

While I'm in here, I might as well write a bit about Half-Life 2. I picked up Half-Life 2 last night (and played 'till 3am!) It is very good. It beats Doom3, easy. The best part is the physics. Wood floats, iron sinks, mattresses bend, things tumble down stairs. If you shoot something in mid-air, it flops to the ground under its own physics. You can shoot a wood ledge and it all falls with all the stuff on top tumbling to the ground. Another cool thing about half-life2 is the facial expressions. The characters have facial expressions, it's really cool. Before, to move a barrel or box, you had to shoot it till it blew up. Now, you just pick it up and move it. Half-life 2 has simple puzzles that allow you to play with the physics in the world. that's the best part in my opinion. like getting those plastic barrels that are full of air and putting them under a ledge that fell in the water to make it come up, so you can make a ramp to ramp your swamp-buggy on it.

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