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August 02, 2011

Am I still here? 11:59 PM,

Wow. It's been five years. FIVE YEARS.

I must admit, over five years I have had the occasional "hey, this thought would make a great blog entry" idea. But honestly, writing doesn't give me any kind of jolt that it seems to give other people. I'd much rather seek after more adrenaline-inducing, whoa-factor kinds of things to do.

On the other hand, I haven't blogged at all since I got my current job at SOS Staffing. Perhaps it is because that job has been so engaging, I haven't had to find an outlet. I used to have lots of side projects at home, because I needed to do things how I wanted to do them. But with less and less resistance to good ideas at work, I'm just all spent when I get home.

Or maybe that spent feeling contributed to never having the gumption to make sure movable type would work when I migrated my webserver from a FreeBSD box to a Linux VM somewhere after that 2006 blog entry.

So why in the world am I writing something now? Honestly it's because of Jeremy Zawodny. He inspired me. He's been blogging faithfully for years.

I've recently had a thought pattern that has been catalyzing in my mind that eventually reawakened the childhood dream of flying. Not flying RC models like I've always done, but the real feet-off-the-ground kind of flying. And then I had the realization that a private pilot license and flying a small plane might actually finally be fiscally possible for me! Mostly because over the last five years, my boss has given me some pretty decent raises. (Thanks Boss!)

As my hunger for down-to-earth information about aviation grew, I stumbled across Jeremy's blog. It surprised me: now here's a geek (obviously much more laudable and famous than I) who flies! And it's a major part of his life! I scoured his blog looking for aviation stuff, and it was a real joy to follow him through his adventures with a Citabria from when he got it to when he got rid of it. Interestingly, it's for sale here.

So what am I thinking now? Well, maybe I should do what he does, including the blogging. Everything he does is cool. Not that it gives me any kind of jolt to write, but just because I might be of service to some other poor sap like myself.

Am I making a commitment to blog more regularly? Nah, not really. I can't make a commitment. You get what you get. But then, if you got this far reading this no-name entry of a no-name blog, I'm very impressed indeed.

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